We love matches!

We understand the importance of good communication, that's why we don't wait for you to come to us; we come to your club. We'll have a quick meeting where we'll finalize project details, and after the meeting, we'll provide you with individual care throughout the purchasing process and our entire collaboration.

We design or replicate

We can design your product from scratch, replicate items from your current collection, or create them based on your designs or inspirations. You can also choose from our wide range of patterns and styles.

Express it with club colors

We'll color the product in your club's colors.

Express it in a word

Let your club's name stand out on the product.

Express it with an image

We'll paint signes of your club

The symbols of your club are the most important!

We prioritize consistency of patterns and colors in every order. We understand how important and unique the colors and symbols of your club are. Each delivery is based on the raw material color, which is permanently assigned to your products. Upon special request, we also have the ability to dye the raw material precisely to the PANTONE colors of your crest.

Two lines, many product possibilities

Colorful and patterned products perfect for the game, or subdued, even elegant, perfect for everyday wear - both series designed with all fans of your club in mind, regardless of age and gender.



For whom

Up to date, like the best commentators

Constant contact and up-to-date information are important to you. That's why we're in constant communication with you, so you, just like a fan on the radio, know how every move of your order is progressing and what's happening at the moment in the production process or sampling process.

Why Distern?

sales support
We understand the importance of a smooth purchasing process and good communication, which is why we prioritize individual care and leverage our experience from working with major clothing brands into collaborating with your club.
30 years
of production
The first club scarves we produced were in 1994 for the local club Sparta Rejowiec. Since then, millions of different products have been produced by us.
Over 10 years experience in the FASHION industry
Vistula, BYTOM, RESERVED, Answear, 4F, Medicine, MOHITO, and many others – thanks to which we know how to produce, package, and serve customers according to the highest European standards.

We're playing for the same goal

Are you looking for something different?

Tell us! We'll tailor an offer to fit your needs.

Aneta Krupa


+48 514 514 029


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